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Amaya Desh Tours (Pvt) Ltd is a sister company of well established company of Amaya Desh (Pvt) Ltd since from 2002.We welcome you all from around the world to our "Paradise of Asia " Sri Lanka. Travel with our experienced tour guiders and travel pathfinder to observing and enjoy the precious places around the Country. Our responsibility and pleasure to provide the high standard guidance's and service's to make succeed your dream tour. Join with us trustfully .

Best of Sri Lanka Ultimate Experience
Ultimate Experience Package Sri Lanka” covers the Major cities, Hill country & the Tea plantations, National parks, Cultural & Heritage sights, Rain forests, Temples, Caves, Mountains, Beaches and Waterfalls of Sri Lanka. The island country of Sri Lanka offers an array of beauteous beaches, adventurous activities, breathtaking hills and monuments and ruins, steeped in history to choose from. Revel in the natural beauty and lovely weather of the Buddhist town of Kandy. Visit the beautiful Kandy Lake and watch local artists mesmerize you with their performance. Get smitten by the stunning beauty and places of touristic importance in Nuwara Eliya. Witness the tableau of beauty on the National park Yala and Madu River cruise in Bentota and watch turtles hatch at the hatchery. Finally witness the cosmopolitan life of Colombo.
Sri Lanka’s wildlife
Sri Lanka’s wildlife is as varied as the island itself, ranging from elephants and leopards to egg-laying turtles and a huge variety of birds. With 12 per cent of the country designated for wildlife protection it is easy to get a taste of Sri Lankan wildlife. Safari parks and sanctuaries, particularly in the southern and central zones, offer the easiest way to see animals in their natural habitat. Stay alert for a sighting of the endangered leopard; take your time as you watch the elephants feeding and washing in a tank or lagoon; or walk quietly near to the turtles until they stop to lay their eggs.
The main focus of the tour is to explore the island’s rich history, scenic hill country and the palm-fringed south coast. The explorer would marvel at the ruins, architecture and the irrigation system that symbolizes the ancient civilization of Sri Lanka dating back to the 5th century B.C.
Visit the Pinnawala elephant orphanage a sanctuary to orphaned elephants. 
Indulge in the rich culture and scenic beauty Kandy has to offer. 
Take a stroll through the Royal botanical gardens. 
Visit to a tea plantation in the scenic hill country of Nuwara-Eliya. 
Climb the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya and witness stunning frescos. 
Explore architectural wonders of the ancient kingdoms of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. 
Explore the beauty of the ancient cave temple in Dambulla. 
Enjoy the wild life national park jeep safari in Minneriya. 
Indulge in the cool misty mountain region of Kandy and Nuwara-Eliya. 
Walk though a bright green tea plantation. 
Enjoy the sunny beaches of Bentota 

Straightforward Hikes
If you've always wanted to go on that great big adventure but didn't know how to begin or where to go, here are a few headers. Just pick a friend — or anyone basically — who's up for anything and who doesn't fuss much, and latch onto a bus or train. If you have a vehicle, all the better because that just makes things a lot more convenient. Don't forget to take your travel essentials along.
Not much into knee-busting climbs or have a phobia of tripping over rocks and spraining an ankle in the middle of nowhere? These places are quite easy-peasy and involve straight walks coupled with great views.
Honeymoon Packages
Sri Lanka is the top destination for a perfect and romantic honeymoon. Tropical beaches, small stylish boutique hotels, tea plantations, rainforests, colorful wildlife and an amazing culture are making an honeymoon in Sri Lanka the place you'll never forget. 
We at go-lanka are impassioned by creating the kinds of trips that honeymoons were made for. In our eyes there are few travel experiences as important as your first real adventure together. Discover what makes us the number one choice for your Sri Lanka honeymoon 

Turtle Hatchery
The sea turtles project is one of the turtle hatcheries located along the southern coast, this hatchery is located 3 Km south of the Bentota bridge. These turtle hatcheries were constructed to rescue and protect turtle eggs because of the rapidly declining numbers of marine turtle in Sri Lankan shores. Marine turtle eggs are purchased from the fisherman and re-buried along the beach and left there for 48 days allowing the eggs ample time to hatch. Thereafter the baby turtles are collected from the beach and kept in tanks for 2-3 days, and released into the ocean to fend off for themselves. The few female turtles that survive will return to their natal shores after ten years to lay their own eggs.
Surfing sports
A-Bay has been a stepping-stone on the Indian Ocean trail for a long time, thanks to its reputation for being a class act in an exotic, laid-back zone. Long, lazy rights peel down the sand and rock southern point of Arugam Bay for hundreds of meters, bending to parallel the beach and slowly diminishing in size along the way. It starts off with a bit of a hollow section, then walls and shoulders in inviting sections that are more playful as opposed to powerful. This means all abilities are found in the extremely crowded line-up and drop-ins, snaking and bad vibes are commonplace during the peak season of May – August. 
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About sri lanka
Introduction of  Sri Lanka
Ancient Cities of Sri Lanka. Exquisitely carved stone structures, serene statues of Lord Buddha, dazzlingly decorated temples built in to rocky overhangs and feats of irrigation that amaze the world even today are just some of the treasures left by a proud civilization stretching back more than two thousand years. 
Glorious Reminders of a resplendent past; the remains of Sri Lanka’s ancient palaces, monasteries, shrines, water gardens and temples bear witness to a thriving kingdoms and to the influence of Buddhism. These reminders of the past are so outstanding that five areas have the distinction of being designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Fortunately for the visitor, four of these are conveniently located in the same region, dubbed the Cultural Triangle 

A World Heritage Site
Anuradhapura has been classed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 
Anuradhapura or ‘the kingdom of Anura’, is the earliest capital of Sri Lanka and was home to the royal court from 437 BC to 1017 AD. However it is not only a city, but one of the great centres of Buddhism in South Asia visited by thousands of pilgrims and tourists each year. The site consists of a central ten metre high mound covered in jungle, marking the old urban core, surrounded by over thirty square kilometres of Buddhist monasteries and huge reservoirs. Amongst the most spectacular of the Buddhist monuments are four great stupas, solid domes of earth and brick, built over a Buddhist relic, which reach heights of over eighty metres and dominate the landscape of paddy fields and coconut trees 

Ancient Cities of Sri Lanka
The city of Kandy lies at an altitude of 488.6 meters (1629 feet) above sea level in the center of the island and surrounded by the ranges of mountains. It is still very much a focal point of Sri Lankan culture. It was the capitol of last generation of Sri Lanka`s kings until it fell in to the hands of British in 1815. 
Kandy was originally known as Senkadagalapura after a hermit named Senkada who lived there. Many of Sinhalese people call it ?Mahanuwara? meaning the “Great City?. But the name Kandy was derived from the Word “Kanda”, which means mountain. Due to it’s geographical location Kandy was not an easy target for the foreign invaders who could gain the control of coastal area of the island. 
Thus Kandyan culture was abler to foster and maintain its own social structure, mode of living, Art & Architecture. The kings of Kandy ensured the safety and sovereignty of the hill capital until the British finally captured the city in 1815. 
The royal palace in Senkadagala was built by King Vikramabahu the 3rd of Gampola on the advice of a Brahmin who selected the site as a lucky ground for a Capital city. The first king to ascended the throne of Senkadagala was Sena Sammata Wickramabahu. 

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NEWS & Activities
Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Mobile Service Goes Online
Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) re-launched its flagship Mobile Service after a long absence which delivers various SLTDA services such as hotel inspections, issuance of business licenses, tourism training etc. in Arugmbay in end of last month. SLTDA conducted the mobile service with assistance of International Finance Corporation (IFC). 
The concept behind the mobile service is to provide licensing and other related services to the tourism industry in regions where by reducing them having to come head office which is located in Colombo. 

New dimension to promote Sri Lanka as a destination
Sri Lanka Tourism collaborated with Cinnamon Hotels to encourage local and foreign photographers to highlight their talent and capture unique locations of Sri Lanka, to fascinate the world, byproviding prize money to winners of the Cinnamon Photography Contest 2017. The Cinnamon Photography Contest, which was initiated in 2016 at the World Travel Market, (WTM) London, highlighted more than 3000 images of Sri Lanka, photographed with excellent skill and patience.The Cinnamon Travel Photography & Videography Awards is a bi-annual competition, celebrating the best photography and Videography captured in Sri Lanka by an individual of any nationality andat any levelof experience. The participants contested under several categories.
Best countries and cities to visit in 2018: The 18 places you should visit this year
Travellers heard the word on Sri Lanka some time ago – almost everyone you know has been to Kandy, or Galle, or Colombo, right? However, there's a new frontier in Sri Lanka: the formerly war-torn, Tamil-dominated north. The city of Jaffna is worth visiting for the incredibly good food alone, but once you throw in friendly locals and a sultry, rough-and-ready vibe, you have yourself a great new destination.
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